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Build maturity in your Customer Success team.

Feeling stuck in the day-to-day operations?
Feeling like an imposter? 
Don't get the ask for help from your team?
Is the team output not as you want it?

Need to build or scale your team?
Do you need to manage up to executives or the board about the added value of CS?
Are you new to CS leadership?

Sounds familiar?

Here's how I can help you.

1:1 CS leader coaching

This is a 1h consulting call where we will work on a topic of your choice. This can be about a challenge you have individually or about problems and opportunities you identified in your team.

Together we'll book tangible progress!

Does your company offer a Personal Development budget? Keep the receipt for a possible reimbursement.

  • Why do I need a coach?
    If you're reading this, you want to transition from experiencing uncertainty regarding your strategy and approach, no longer feeling trapped in negotiations for resources, and no longer lacking clarity on how to excel at the leadership level. You want to achieve organizational alignment and amplifying your influence. The Customer Success space is in full transition as the need to focus on client outcomes, enablement and retention has never been higher. My experience as a Customer Success professional can give you a shortcut to success and a competitive advantage to e.g. career progress and enrich your skills and mindsett for any next professional challenge.
  • Who is this for?
    Individual coaching is here to help Customer Success Managers or CS leaders make tangible progress in their challenges and day to day operations. You are looking to have support, a guiding hand or for a system to lean on.
  • Can I decide what's in the training or coaching sessions?
    Absolutely! You are in the driver's seat. I'm there to facilitate and share my knowledge and expertise to bring maturity in your Customer Success game.
  • Isn't your training and coaching theorethical or high-level?
    No, that's exactly what I don't want to achieve. I've been a CSM and a CS leader myself for many years. The training or coaching sessions are designed to be practical for you, so you get practical advice, tips and tricks to use immediately.
  • I have a Personal Development Budget, can I use it?
    If your employer offers a Personal Development Budget, that's great. You can use the receipt for reimbursement under your PDP. For team trainings we're happy to work with you to issue an invoice.
  • Great, but I still have a question?
    Sure! Just book a discovery call and we'll have a quick chat about your questions / challenges. Speak soon!

What CS leaders like you say about it.

Martin Visvader

Head of Client Services

The provided  coaching and training really empowered the whole customer success team. Everyone enjoyed the time together and gained value out of the interactive sessions and role plays.

Bernard Boas

CS Director

Ramses is an excellent senior leader and mentor. His deep knowledge of the SaaS industry, inspiring leadership, and excellent training skills helped the entire team to achieve their full potential.

Taylor Whiteley

Sr. Manager CS

Ramses is an outstanding trainer, fostering engagement and interaction. Many team members described it as a 'light bulb moment,' and left the training with key learnings and a new found sense of empowerment.

Still have a doubt?

No worries, completely normal! Book a free call to get more information and ask your questions!

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