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Advisory and Fractional CS Leadership

When does it make sense to bring in an advisor or trainer?

When I speak with early to mid-stage (and even mature) SaaS companies, the common thread is that the management and board is heavily focussed and invested on the new sales side of the business ("I want to have new logo's).
While that's understandable, the challenge remains how to nurture existing customers and benefit from the huge impact that an incremental improvement of the GRR or the NRR brings to the entire business.
Here are some reasons that are a good indicator to hire a Customer Success advisor or trainer:

  1. You have high levels of churn and are not sure how to adress them

  2.  There's slow product adoption with impact on trust and satisfaction (and renewals and expansi​on...).

  3. You lack insights into what outcomes or benefits your customers want to see.

  4. There's no alignment across teams.

As a Customer Success advisor and trainer, I'm there to help you out temporarily. I support and guide you in solving issues like these, and give you an outside perspective on how to educate your customers, identify quick wins that impact the revenue or how to build, scale and hire a high-performing CS team.

The ultimate goal is to make myself unnecessary and drive the maturity of your post-sales organisation so it becomes independent.

Here's how I can help you.


Strategy audit

Our proven methodology assesses the maturity of your Customer Success strategy. We'll identify together priorities and a roadmap that delivers outcomes.


Individual & team training 

Dedicated training, workshops  and ready to use frameworks to enhance your customer success team.


Fractional CS leadership

 Benefit from the expertise of a seasoned executive and maximize the potential effect Customer Success can bring to your organisation -on a flexible and cost-effective basis.  

Ready to bring maturity in your Customer Success functions?

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