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Hi, I'm Ramses.

I’m a former Global VP of Customer Success and have spent the last 15 years in Customer Success and Customer Experience, both in B2B SaaS as in Technology Services.

I decided to share my expertise and knowledge to individual CSM's and CS leaders to help you take a shortcut and bring more maturity in your skills.

My experience comes from working both at challenger and premium brands, as well as start-ups to well established global companies.

Oh yes... I built my experience in the field having started as a CSM myself before moving up.


Ramses Bossuyt - Customer Success trainer and coach
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My love story with Customer Success.

Many moons ago, I got a call while travelling in Australia. If I wanted to join a fast-growing SaaS martech company as a Customer Success Manager. Having worked until then as a Customer Experience leader in automotive, I've always been active on the crossroad between sales, experience and adoption. In for a change, I decided to jump on the train.

It was the start of an incredible journey of personal and professional growth. I had the chance of being surrounded by great leaders who created an environment of trust and autonomy that allowed me to grow and show the best of me.

That wonderful company culture and the rapid growth of the installed base gave me additional responsibilities and I ended up as the Global VP Customer Success, overseeing CS, Renewals, Customer Education, Partner Enablement and Customer Marketing.

I'm a real believer of personal development and having my team members succeed and grow in their roles, get promoted or scoring a more senior function elsewhere is still what I see as my biggest achievement.

That was the foundation of what is now this coaching and training practice, where I share skills, knowledge and self confidence to be successful in Customer Success yourself.

Ready to bring maturity in your Customer Success skills?

Recognized in international media.

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